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Local Supporting Local

Trenton Chamber champions the "local supporting local" ethos, encouraging residents to shop, dine, and invest in their own community. By highlighting the unique offerings of local businesses, promoting local artisans and craftsmen, and celebrating the distinct character of the community, your Chamber fosters a sense of pride and loyalty that strengthens the local economy.

Local Job Fairs

Trenton Chamber actively contributes to enhancing job opportunities within the community. By partnering with local schools, your Chamber organizes job fairs and career expos, connecting students with local businesses and fostering a talent pipeline that benefits both employers and job seekers.

Business After Hours

Business After Hours events hosted by the Trenton Chamber of Commerce serve as vital networking opportunities for local businesses. These gatherings offer a relaxed atmosphere where professionals can connect, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful partnerships. By bringing together members of the business community after regular work hours, the Chamber fosters collaboration and strengthens relationships among its constituents. Moreover, these events provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products or services, enhancing visibility and fostering growth. Ultimately, Business After Hours events play a crucial role in bolstering the economic vitality of the community by facilitating networking, collaboration, and resource-sharing among local businesses.



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